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Hi, I’m Karl. I help people create what they want in their lives. I do this by spending time with them, listening and asking questions, pointing out what I see and sending them healing to help with the changes they want to make.

I also¬†give healing to animals and act as a middleman between people and their pets and farm animals, so that they can have a clear communication with each other and resolve any issues they’re having in their relationship.

I work with whichever healing energies are most beneficial to who I’m working with and what they want to create. Dolphins, Angels and Crystals are always around and many other beings often join in and give their support.

Sessions, whether they are for you or for your pets or farm animals, last an hour and take place over the phone/Skype. I also use a telephone conferencing facility with local dial-in numbers for more than 50 countries.

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